Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited Group CSR Policy

Indorama Ventures Pcl, its subsidiaries and affiliates, hereinafter referred to as IVL, are part of society and as such have duties and responsibilities towards society as a good corporate citizen. IVL’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy aims to make a positive contribution to society by improving the quality of life of its employees and the community in general; to improve health and safety to international standards; to decrease the Company’s impact on the environment and seek the sustainable development of its business.


The terms used herein are:

  • CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • CSI means Corporate Social Investment, or time, money and influence to improve society.
  • NGO means Non Governmental Organisations. Authorities are local, regional and national organisations empowered to work on behalf of society through Constitutional means.
  • Social Development Contributions are contributions to society to aid its development whether by corporate activities, policies or contributions.
  • Community programmes are those either implemented or supported by IVL.
  • Health programmes include projects to promote the health and safety of employees or the community.
  • Conservation covers the judicious use of resources that contribute to the sustainable development of the business and society.


IVL will operate within established laws and promote an ethical organizational foundation. The Company will cooperate with all authorities to ensure it utilizes fair employment practices that meet international standards with respect to human rights and common labour practices.

IVL will conduct its business ethically and treat all stakeholders with respect. The Company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and maintain open dialogue with authorities and NGOs to promote and maintain a good image for the Company in all its business and social transactions.

As a leading industrial corporation, IVL will seek to limit its impact on the environment and adjacent communities by actively seeking methods to reduce industrial waste through reusing, recycling and the promotion of energy conservation.

Suchitra Lohia
Director and Chairperson of the Sustainability Committee
Indorama Ventures PCL.