Education (SDG No. 8 Decent work and Economic growth)
The basic premise of education lies in its ability to provide education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes for productive employment and decent work for all across our value chain.

We support implement hiring and training programs that focus on local employees including women, youth and marginalized persons in the communities we work and operation to ensure future prospective employees acquire knowledge and technical and vocational skills for employment. 

Business KPI
Social KPI
  • Number of people joining the workforce
  • Number of employee volunteer hours
  • Engagement index (i.e. community, employee)
  • Positive acknowledgement by community acceptance
  • Numbers of scholarships provided to vocational students
  • Number of opportunities for employment for women, youth and marginalized people
  • Rate of access to education

Internship Program

In Thailand IVL collaborates with Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited, The Office of the Vocational Education Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology to organize yearly training programs for six university students from Thanlyin Technological University in Banbwegon, Myanmar. This is so that they gain industrial knowledge and practical experience in Thailand which they can utilize after they return to Myanmar. The program consists of two modules. In the first, the participants attend classes at Samut Songkhram Technical College; in the second, students work as interns at Indorama Ventures’ facility in Lopburi, Thailand. As part of the education training program, IVL provides accommodation, transportation and a daily allowance for all of the interns. Two out of the six engineering graduates who attended the program in 2015 were subsequently recruited by IVL’s subsidiary, Indorama Ventures Packaging (Myanmar) Limited, in Myanmar last year. In 2016, we had 12 interns as part of our global educational initiatives working in the Human Resources, Health & Safety, Optimization, and Production departments.

PET waste separation and recycling efforts with Nestlé project

We collaborate with our customers on various sustainability and social responsibility initiatives to build awareness and promote environmentally responsible behavior. This year, we joined with Nestlé in their “I am doing it” campaign to encourage Thais to be disciplined in waste separation and recycling of PET water bottles. The bottles collected will be turned into recycled jacket and distributed to children in Surat Thani province South Thailand. As the world’s largest PET producer and a leader in recycling in Thailand, Indorama Ventures is educating children on the different type of plastics and the importance of PET bottle collection and recycling.

Eco Kids Project

To continue and promote recycle business in 2015, IVL launched The Eco kids project, our volunteers devoted their time to conduct training session to Waste recycles bank committees at school and provided raw material and equipment. This project is students can earn extra money by creating and selling chairs made from recycled PET bottles.

Representatives from the On-nuch 14 rai community, together with Nise Corporation, visited our waste recycling bank at Krok Yai Cha School to study our concept of waste management.

Other CSR projects

AlphaPet & Cedar Ridge Middle School have teamed up to support the Partners-in-Education program for Decatur City Schools. This program is designed to tap into the resources from both business and industry to enrich the educational programs offered to school students, and to encourage them to being to think about their academic interests and pursuits.
A group of students from a secondary school in Wloclawek visited Indorama Ventures Poland. Their participation was conducted entirely in English as part of a language training. This program, as with many others, is meant to inform students but also convey the unique opportunities available to them in their futures
Micro Polypet donated classroom furniture, stationery and snacks to a local school
TPT Petrochemicals was pleased to give a scholarship to Wat Krok Yai Cha school in Rayong to enhance the educational opportunities of its students.