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Product Stewardship
Product Stewardship at IVL provides a framework for active engagement across the company to ensure that our products present no risk to human health and the environment when used as intended, and to generate value by identifying opportunities to reduce resource and material consumption through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of our products throughout the value chain. Furthermore, Product Stewardship encourages innovation in our products and processes to meet increasing societal and business expectations regarding sustainability and transparency.

Corporate Targets:
IVL has a corporate target of:
  • Establishing an LCA management system globally by 2018-19 and covering two-thirds of products by volume by 2020.
  • Implementing product design criteria that meet environmental and social needs for all products globally by 2020.

Our Product Stewardship initiatives include:
  1. Expanding the use of LCAs for our products
  2. Eco-design criteria and Product safety communications
  3. Closed loop innovation and leadership position in use/promotion of recycled PET
  4. Evaluating bio-based renewable feedstocks
  5. Promoting a “beyond compliance” program for eliminating use of potentially harmful substances