Environment (SDG No. 4 Quality Education)
To build all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development IVL promotes science and education in schools and supports schools in  their efforts to make instruction in science more attractive.  To invest into the future diverse workforce, IVL is promoting to investing in university and vocational (Science, Chemical, Mathematics, Technical and Engineer) to secure access to our employee in the future.

Business KPI
Social KPI
  • Number of people joining the workforce as interns
  • Number of employee volunteer hours
  • Positive acknowledgement by community acceptance
  • Press coverage
  • Number of students, school local community members trained
  • Number of school supplies provided i.e. education material (PET education pack program), equipment (Laptop, internet access)
  • Conserve and maintain environment

RECO (Recycling competition)

RECO Young Designer Competition*: this project aims to raise awareness on how we can use PET and polyester waste to create wonderful designs. All designs were made using at least 60% recycled PET and polyester. One aim of RECO is to demonstrate new skills, and it comes as a surprise to many that these products were once waste. This is part of our responsibility giving knowledge to the young generation and helping them create things for a better society and environment. With 200 entries annually from around Thailand, Indorama Ventures selected the top 30 competitors to attend an exclusive eco-design workshop led by professionals in the design industry, along with a successful brand manager who gave practical business advice to the candidates. A final 20 were selected to work more closely with project mentors who advised the finalists throughout the project to maximize design potential and teach production techniques. The Company also invested 12,000 Baht in 20 candidates to cover their material and management costs. We support our SDGs to ensure inclusive quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Remark: * Project in Thailand

Wetlands Edge Environmental Center(WEEC)

Wetlands Edge Environmental Center (WEEC)

Indorama Ventures Xylenes and PTA, LLC located in Decatur, The site boasts a unique program with the Decatur, Alabama city school system consisting of an environmental learning center known as Wetlands Edge Environmental Center (WEEC). The site provides the building and the land and the local school system provides teachers and curriculum. As part of, and to enhance, traditional classroom training, students are bused to the center from schools.

Since opening its doors in 2002, Wetlands Edge Environmental Learning Center (WEEC) has educated more than 80,000 students, teachers and visitors. WEEC provides hands-on, environmental "place-based" educational opportunities across the K-16 curriculum to all who visit. The WEEC facility consists of a building showcasing aquatic life, including two floors of touch tanks, a 1,650-gallon marine tank, and a 780-gallon freshwater ecosystem. In addition, more than two miles of trails traverse the 320 acre habitat enabling visitors to see several diverse ecosystems including a swamp, a marsh, bottomland hardwoods, upland species, young pines, and one of the largest white oak trees in the world.

This award-winning wildlife habitat is certified through the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), a nonprofit, non-lobbying organization dedicated to increasing the quality and amount of wildlife habitat on corporate, private and public lands. These programs have earned the plant site certification from the WHC for both “Wildlife at Work” and “Corporate Lands for Learning”. The site is also a listed site on Alabama’s Birding Trail.

WEEC’s objectives are as follows:

  • To create an understanding of the natural environment and the interrelationships among living things.
  • To promote sound stewardship and wise management of our natural resources for the welfare of Man and all living things.
  • To create an awareness of global, national, and local environmental problems and foster sound decision-making regarding their solutions.
  • To enrich, vitalize, extend, complement and combine all content areas of the K-12 school curriculum by means of firsthand observation and direct experience outside the classroom.
  • To develop programs that are constructivist, provide a venue for placed-based education, and directly correlated to the National Science Standards, Decatur City Schools Hands-on Activities Science Program (HASP), the Alabama Course of Study and High School Graduation Exam requirements
  • To emphasize the concept of biodiversity, a global issue with far-reaching implications that encompasses sustainable development, corporate and social environmental accountability and relationships with local and indigenous communities, and
  • To educate students on how industry is essential for the things we enjoy and manufacturing can be done in a manner that is not only sustainable but also enhancing to the surrounding environment.

Visit for more information: https://weec.dcs.edu/

Waste Recycle Bank Project

The first waste recycling bank was established at Ban Nong Fab School in Rayong in 2010, with a second added at Wat Krok Yai Cha School, also in Rayong, in 2014. The Project not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also raises important public awareness on the value of waste materials that can become a source of income. There are 535 people in the Project. Waste has been reduced by 66,617.90 kg, generating revenue of 165,337.38 baht.

IVL launched the Ecokids Project as a continuation of the Waste Recycling Bank. Our employees devoted time to arranging training and materials at schools . While students earn extra money by creating and selling chairs made from recycled PET bottles. Representatives from the On-nuch 14 Rai community, together with Nise Corporation, visited our Ecokids project at Krok Yai Cha School to study how to make PET chairs for sale in their areas.

Company support:

  • Built cages to separate waste and necessary equipment.
  • Arranged training to student committees every year.
  • Identified suppliers to collect waste.

Other CSR projects

Indorama Ventures Poland sponsored prizes for the 14th Tree for a Bottle campaign, which aims to raise environmental awareness and the importance of environmental protection among the younger generation and society. Employees at the company also volunteered to take students to clear litter from a forest near their school.
Staff at IVL subsidiaries in Rayong responded to the call for action and cleaned up a beach in support of International Coastal Cleanup Day.
Indorama Ventures Packaging (Philippines) Corporation planted mangrove trees in the coastal areas of Looc, Villanueva, Misamis Oriental.
Orion Global Pet volunteers joined forces with residents in the community and children from a local school to clean their surrounding area.
Employees with Performance Fibers (HongKong volunteering to clean up a park in their community.