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Corporate Identity
The Indorama Ventures name is presented in simple yet sturdy font, conveying the strong foundation in which the company is built upon, as well as our firm stand in the international environment. The font color is a softer and more contemporary blue, communicating the company’s mindset of adaptability and continuous development. Indorama Ventures understands the need to change with the times and is constantly improving upon itself.

The first character in the name, “I”, stands more prominently than the others, illustrating Indorama Ventures' position as a leading player at the forefront of its industry. All of the characters are placed in italic and slanting to the right, depicting Indorama Ventures' forward-thinking and proactive business approach.

The character “O” placed in the middle of the logo expresses the dynamic and evolving nature of the company. The hint of red symbolizes a boldness and passion, whereas the green communicates sustainability and a social responsibility for our environment and community.

As a whole, Indorama Ventures' new logo is a representation of our values and commitment towards being dependable, dynamic, and sustainable.