Indorama Ventures (Oxide & Glycols)
IVL made its first entry into the Ethylene Oxide (EO) business producing Purified Ethylene Oxide (PEO) and Glycols (MEG, DEG, and TEG) when it acquired Old World Industries I, Ltd., at Clear Lake, near Houston in Texas, USA, in April 2012. The business has been renamed to Indorama Ventures (Oxide & Glycols) LLC ( IVOG).

EO is a colorless gas which is used primarily in the production of ethylene glycols. Very reactive, it is one of the most versatile chemical intermediates and is used in the manufacture of surfactants, polyether polyols, ethanolamines and glycol ethers. These derivatives are used to manufacture various products such as soaps, detergents, brake fluids, weed killer and urethane foam for home and auto.

MEG is widely used for polyester polymers’ production. However, in North America and Europe, MEG is also used in the antifreeze/industry. DEG and TEG are typically used in industry.

IVOG’s Clear Lake facility has several unique advantages:
  • Large capacity (largest reactors in North America) with resultant economies of scale and low fixed costs
  • Excellent safety and environmental record
  • CO2 in the recycle loop is among the lowest of any plant in the world giving the unit the ability to operate with the latest generation high selectivity catalyst
  • The single EO purification tower produces very high EO quality with low aldehyde content of less than 10 ppm

The Company’s strategy is to further its raw materials integration and strengthen the business model for long-term sustainability. By maximizing crude EO capacity of 435,000 tonnes per annum, IVOG has a total PEO and EG capacity of 550,000 tonnes per annum on an equivalent Glycols basis and is in close proximity to raw material sources and pipelines. The acquisition makes IVL the only global producer of polyester with integration of both PTA and MEG. IVOG has contracted customers for both PEO and Glycols with flexibility to shift production and sales to the highest return on crude EO. The acquisition adds value to IVL by capturing margins that are healthy and growing while allowing the Company to hedge its use of MEG with an option of consuming the MEG production as a feedstock for US PET operations.
Clear Lake, Texas

550,000 tonnes per annum (EO & EG)
Ethylene Oxide and Ethylene Glycols
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