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PHP Fibers Inc.
PHP Fibers was acquired on April 30, 2014. It has production facilities in Obernburg, Germany, for polyamide and polyester high tenacity yarns, and a polyamide fiber production plan in Scottsboro, Alabama, USA. In China, the company produces fine denier polyamide industrial yarns in a joint venture in Pingdingshan, Henan Province. The company was established in 1899 in and -after many changes - is now the largest manufacturer of Nylon 6.6 for the airbag industry in Europe and a leading producer of PA yarns for tires and other MRG applications. The company’s specialty products include Diolen®, Enka® Nylon, Enkalon® and Stanylenka®.

PHP Fibers products Diolen® (PET) and Enka® Nylon (PA 6.6) filament yarns are the yarn of choice if fiber cleanliness, uniformity and high processing efficiency are key factors in the production of industrial products, as well as high strength and dimensional stability. Diolen® yarns are among others used for seatbelts (and fabrics) and Enka® Nylon yarns for airbags. Enka® Nylon is also used as cap-ply material all sorts of high-performance passenger car tires.

Our high-tenacity yarns for MRG applications provide high adhesion to rubber as well as high dimensional stability. These yarns are used as reinforcement material in the MRG industry for conveyor belts, hoses, transmission belts including V-belts or air springs.

Nets for fishing and fish farming demand further properties like knot strength, mesh stability and good ultraviolet stability – all characteristics that are met by our high-tenacity Enkalon® (PA 6) filament yarns.

PHP Fibers has also developed a complete range of high-tenacity Enka® Nylon yarns for sewing threads. These yarns are used for sewing thread applications where thermal stability and abrasion resistance combined with high-tenacity are essential.

Stanylenka® (PA 4.6) yarns with its high heat resistance capacity are used for sewing threads for airbag applications. PHP Fibers is the exclusive supplier worldwide for this type of specialty yarn.
Scottsboro, AL (USA)
125,500 sqm
Nylon spinning started in 1996
10,000 tons
High-tenacity Nylon 6.6 yarns
Enka® Nylon
Customers/Markets Served
Airbags, Mechanical Rubber Goods, Military
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PHP Fibers Inc.
300 Serrano Way Scottsboro, AL 35769, USA
Tel: +1 (256) 218-4000
Fax: +1 (256) 218-4062
E-mail: usa@php-fibers.com

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