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Indorama Ventures Poland Sp. z o.o.
Acquired March 2011

The Indorama Ventures Poland Sp. z o.o. site was founded in Wloclawek, Poland in June 2002 and started operation in May 2005. It was a part of the acquisition from SK Chemicals that included assets in Indonesia. The facility has a capacity to produce 229,950 tonnes of PET annually.

Due to the location of a third party PTA facility nearby together with other major feedstock such as MEG and DEG locally available, the site is virtually integrated providing logistic advantage. Since its acquisition the unit started growing dynamically, increased its production capacity by debottlenecking, a process which is continuously going on, expanded new markets, added reheat product to its portfolio against only one normal grade produced before acquisition, improved safety standards with zero accidents in the year and continuously carrying out cost rationalization.

It is the only plant in the group that uses a real-time process data gathering and storage system for remotely monitoring the entire process from any place and at any time in the world. It actively participates in local charities fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibilities. The utmost effort is given to environmental compliance to ensure a smaller carbon footprint.
229,950 tonnes per annum (as of February 2015)
C.P. – Uhde Inventa Fischer/SSP – Buhler
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Indorama Ventures Poland Sp. z o.o.
Main Office, ul. Krzywa Gora 19, 87-805 Wloclawek, Poland
Tel: +48 54 416 64 42
Fax: +48 54 416 64 49
E-mail: sekretariat@pl.indorama.net

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