Indorama PET (Nigeria) Limited
The Indorama PET (Nigeria) Limited is the first PET investment of IVL in Africa and thus establishes its foothold in the estimated 450,000 tonnes PET market for the continent of Africa, which currently has only one other PET producer. For IVL, this is a small entry into a potentially huge growth market. Nigeria itself is one of the most developed of the African markets and the facility is situated in a large and secure petrochemical facility.

Currently, many of IVL’s largest customers are making progress in sales within Nigeria and West Africa. IVL believes that its ability to serve them from the inside will bear fruit as this market grows for them.

This PET facility in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, produces bottle grade PET chips through Solid State Polymerization, the second stage of the PET production process after the initial chips formed by a polycondensation process. The chips are sourced from the company’s facilities in Asia or Europe and shipped to Nigeria for final processing.
84,000 tonnes per annum
Buhler SSP Technology from Germany
PET (bottle-grade resin chips)
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Indorama PET (Nigeria) Limited
East West Expressway, Eleme, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
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