HDPE Closure
Petform manufactures 28 mm Outside Deformable Seal (ODS) tamper evident Closure. Two versions of this Closure are available. "APOLLO" CAPS 2611: Suitable for CSD as well as non CSD applications. "NEPTUNE" CAPS 2614: Light weight version suitable for still / low carbonated water. Both of these Closures are suitable for Alcoa 1716/PCO bottle finish and have APOLLO Tamper Band suitable for one-way bottles. Complex multi-colour printing up to three colours on the outside surface and promotional LASER printing on the inside surface of the Closure is possible.

30/25 Tamper Evident Closures-Coming soon

This closure is provided with double seal and is suitable for still water or other flavored non carbonated drinks in bottles with high 30/25 neck finish.

These closures are produced from specially formulated Organoleptic grades of HDPE. For high volume customers, these Closures can be produced with molded logo / art work as per customer design. Printing is not available on these closures.

  • Integral seal.
  • Optimum top, corner and side seal ensuring no taste contamination and seal integrity.
  • Consistent and reliable tamper evident band operation
  • Excellent vent flow characteristics
  • Excellent re-sealability with low torque for application and removal
  • No misplaced liners or liners falling out
  • High impact resistance
The closures are produced on 48 Cavity Husky injection moulding systems and Compression line from Sacmi is also being added for water closures. The loboratory for testing of closures is equipped with sophisticated Nikon's Tool maker's microscope with camera and CMM (Coordinates measuring m/c) from TESA, Switzerland in addition to standard measuring equipments.

HDPE Closure
30/25 Twist off Caps
28mm Two piece closures for Glass / PET bottles
Diagram 28 mm. – PP PLASTIC CLOSURE TWO PIECES (2 PC. Closure 1881 – CSD)
Diagram 29 mm. : HDPE PLASTIC CLOSURE SINGLE PIECE ( 29/25 Twist off closure , 3 start thread )
Diagram 30 mm. : HDPE PLASTIC CLOSURE SINGLE PIECE ( 30/25 Twist off closure , 3 start thread )
Diagram 28 mm. – HDPE PLASTIC CAP ONE PIECE AB 1881 (CAF 8)