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The following diagram illustrates Final Product Specification:

Purified Terephthalic Acid C6H4(COOH)2

Following Bottles are being manufactured by us.


Quality and Assurance

Quality of PTA is very important as it is the major raw material of polyester. PTA has to exist in a very pure form, presence of impurity would not be acceptable for this would affect the quality of polyester, particularly polyester for packaging and film purposes.

We maintain a quality control unit and laboratory at our PTA plant to monitor our products for levels and consistency of purity. We have three systems of control to monitor our PTA product quality:

  • Feedstock control: We check the paraxylene inspection report provided by our supplier, perform laboratory tests on paraxylene samples from each batch of feedstock before pumping the paraxylene to the paraxylene storage tanks on our premises, and perform further checks on the paraxylene for quality before pumping the paraxylene into the oxidation reactor;

  • In-process control: We use computers to monitor various parameters to ensure that they are within a specified range and also conduct laboratory analysis on samples taken, and

  • Product control: We test the PTA product in the checking silos, after it is transported to the storage silos of bulk and bag and prior to delivery to customers.