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What are Worsted Wool Yarns

Worsted wool yarns differ from woolens in that the natural crimp of the wool fiber is removed in the process of spinning the yarn. Worsted wool yarns are versatile natural yarns used in the range of applications.
Our Product Offering

We produce a broad range of over 500 products, ranging from 10 Nm to 125 Nm, for all end use sectors that can be classified into six main product groups:

Conventional weaving yarns

including single yarn, double yarn, untwisted yarn, crepe yarn, siro yarns and blended yarns (Nylon)

Stretch Yarns

Worsted yarn with a type of synthetic filament known for its exceptional elasticity. Products in this category include core spun, duo spun, assembly route, wool nylon blend, easy care, bright and clear type

Knitting yarns

consisting of 100% wool and/or nylon blend, in either Total Easy Care (TEC), Basolan or Super Wash Treated Wool. These yarns are available for both flat knit and circular knit. It can be waxed or unwaxed yarn and available on hank or paper/plastic/PSDP cones

Environment friendly yarns

comprising Organic yarn, Eco wool yarn, Oeko Tex certificate yarn.

Compact yarn

including conventional yarn, single yarn, double yarn, high twist yarn, siro yarn

Special End use Yarns

consisting of wool yarn with water soluble PVA products, High luster Wool, Wool Cashmere, Wool Fire Resistant Fiber etc.

  • All above yarns are our standard yarn however we are always open to customized yarn production and services
  • The yarns can be supplied on 4*20” Plastic and Paper cones, PSDP and 3*30” Paper cone
  • Knitting yarn in addition to above packages can be provided on Hanks as well
  • The Standard package weight is 1.5kg, however we can give customized package dimensions as well
  • Normally the yarn packages are 4*20” plastic. We supply our yarn on Plastic cone