Indorama Ventures not only provide the highest quality products to our customers but also strive to provide them with the solutions to their sustainability challenges in a cost effective manner.

We value the customer at every level of the company and have made customer satisfaction one of the goals of the company that is also reflected in our mission statement, whereby we focus our activities to achieve customer delight and loyalty for a long-lasting relationship. IVL is committed to the highest standards of product safety, quality, and business integrity in order to meet the customer's expectation and satisfaction.

IVL takes seriously our commitment to ethical business practices, provides services with easily accessible manner, respects the dignity and independence of customer individuals and undertakes the following tasks:
  1. IVL shall treats all customers equally and fairly base on the fair return for both sides
  2. IVL is committed to develop and provide quality products to meet the satisfaction of customers
  3. IVL is committed to do the research and development on our products on a regular basis in order to control our product quality.
  4. IVL will provide accurate, sufficient and useful information to customers without exaggeration or purposely conceals the contents or provides false information or mislead our customers.
  5. IVL respects individual rights of customers, keeps confident on individual customers information and not to disclose to a third party.
  6. IVL provides channels for customers to file complaints relating to the quality of products and services
  7. IVL provides support for various activities in order to strengthen and maintain a good relationship between customers and the Company.