Polyester Fibers

A staple polyester fiber has a unique design of extrusion spinning connected to a continuous polymerization ensures a uniform and quality product to produce fibers for various applications like conventional textile ring spinning, open end spinning, vortex spinning nonwovens and filling applications with various luster and functionality.

Polyester Yarns

Indorama Ventures is a professional manufacturer of polyester filament ( POY,SDY,DTY ) yarn. The company specializes in producing high quality filament yarn with various luster and functionality.


Polyolefin Staple Fibers

Indorama Ventures is the global leader in polyolefin and bicomponent staple fibers for nonwoven applications and is unmatched in product performance and processing. We specialize in supplying a variety of markets, including hygiene, textiles, automotive and construction with softer, stronger and extensible nonwovens.