Process Analyzer Technician

Company : Indorama Ventures Olefins LLC

Country : United States

Job Responsibilities
Qualification & Experience

The primary responsibility of this role, as Process Analyzer Technician, is to maintain process analytical equipment within established guidelines and perform preventative maintenance on all GCs (Siemens) and analyzers (IR, Moisture, CO/CO2, Wobbe index(BTU) O2,combustion,Dewpoint etc.) and associated sample systems.

The incumbent will:

  • Support improving existing and engineered process analyzer systems in close cooperation with supervision and engineering;
  • Anticipate probable failures and take corrective action necessary to ensure minimum downtime and maximum on stream time;
  • Support analyzer tests and analyzer related capital investment projects;
  • Check each process analyzer and sample system on a regular basis for proper functioning and integrity as indicated by the Analyzer Maintenance Management System;
  • Check gas and liquid standards and bottles for proper pressure and ensure fresh standards are available before expiration date;
  • Repair any part of the process analyzer loop including components of the sample system (tubing, valves, fittings, regulators) when warranted by physical examination. This is also to be done if process analyzer fails to comply with calibration guidelines;
  • Maintain records of all maintenance actions taken by daily checklist (Preventive Maintenance and non-routine maintenance and repair activities);
  • Maintain statistical analysis records to ensure proper compliance with guidelines.
  • Ability to routinely push, pull or lift at least 50 pounds while performing normal unit operations; ability to climb stairs and work at heights in excess of 100 feet; ability to climb vertical ladders. Incumbent must possess sufficient physical strength to perform required operations in a safe manner without endangering the individual or fellow worker;
  • General knowledge of physics, chemistry, electronics, and good mechanical skills;
  • Ability to troubleshoot and repair analyzer problems;
  • Ability to successfully use test equipment (VOM, oscilloscope, hand tools any advance tools etc.);
  • Proven ability to maintain records and data to effectively use these records and data to improve the reliability of the analyzer systems;
  • Excellent communication skills and Experience in MS office i.e. Excel, Word etc.

Qualifications : Associates degree in the instrumentation or analytical field with 5-7 years’ experience in the process analytics is preferred;

Job Type: Full-time


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Posted date : 09 October 2018