Shift Supervisor

Company : Indorama Ventures Olefins LLC

Country : United States

Job Responsibilities
Qualification & Experience

Position: Shift Supervisor


Executive Summary:

  • Highly skilled with at list 10+ years experience in Cracker Plant;
  • Ability to run the Cracker Plant in emergency situation;

Professional Expertise:

  • Experienced, conscientious, organized, and highly competent;
  • Experienced in process operation of Cracker Plant: steam generation, cracking furnaces, charge gas compressor, refrigerant compressors and gas separation;

Reporting line:

  • Functionally, the Shift Engineer assists and reports directly to Superintendent in Olefins

Duties & responsibilities:

  • Emergencies: Take charge of plant emergency situations;
  • Quality control: Quality control of product during shift. Report reasons for deviations in product quality and corrective measures taken;
  • Activity log: Ensures all the activities carried out during the shift such as safety issues / incidents, process upsets, actions for quality deviations, deviations in production rates, problem / constraints in equipment, equipment change-over, and plant preservation activities etc. are logged in Shift Supervisor log book;
  • Equipment constraints/problems: Ensure the problems/constraints noted on the equipment are immediately notified to maintenance. Follow up with maintenance for remedial action;
  • Standard Operating Procedures, process improvements etc. Ensure that all the plant operational activities, start-ups and shutdowns are carried out safely as per the licenser / internally developed SOPs (Standard operating procedures);
  • Monitoring of plant parameters: Monitoring of plant operational parameters and take-up quick corrective measures in case of deviations;
  • Maintenance activities: Ensures preparation of equipment for hand-over to maintenance as per the maintenance plan. Supervision of maintenance activities carried out during the shift & logging of their status in logbook;
  • Feedback: Gives feedback on the plant operations (shutdown / emergency situations, deviations in product quality, equipment problem, constraints in maintaining programmed production rates, status on maintenance activities etc.) to plant superintendent.
  • TAM / Shutdown Activities:
    1. Compilation of activities for TAM or any major plant Shutdown
    2. Preparation of blinding & de-blinding lists for all the equipment covered under
    3. Safe handing over of equipment for maintenance activities.
    4. Planning & implementation of plant preservation activities in case of long shutdown.



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Posted date : 11 October 2018