Health, Safety and Well-Being

Health, safety and well-being are our core values. We place the health and safety of our workforce at the forefront of our activities and constantly implement programs for improvement. We comply with our core values and even go beyond the provisions of law. This enhances our appeal as an employer of choice, promotes employee satisfaction and productivity, and ensures we continue to attract and retain talented workforce. We comply with local laws and regulations in providing a safe work environment, and have OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) certification in place over 45% of our sites currently, compared to 37% in 2016. We set a target of extending OHSAS 18001 or its equivalent to 98% of our sites by 2020 (excluding sites which are less than two years old in IVL group).

We strive to provide the highest standard health and well-being facilities and services for our workforce through continuous personal and professional development at our work place. Our programs for addressing occupational Health, Safety and Well-Being include:

    • Stress management training for stress relief and feel balanced
    • Ergonomic workplace
    • Protection from noise
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Fitness facilities – on site and off site including yoga classes, badminton clubs, football clubs etc.
    • Flex-time/Work-from-home
    • Childcare
    • Parental leave
    • Emergency medical treatment and insurance coverage
    • Access To healthy food