Product Innovation

Our product innovation is determined by what we have in our pipeline, patents applied for/or registered, and our vitality index. We are making next generation products with reduced environmental impacts a reality and continually evaluate the use of more sustainable raw materials to meet performance, economic and compliance requirements.

Process Innovation

IVL also pursues improvements through process innovation to:

  • Increase quality yields (reducing waste and off-grading)
  • Reduce the cost of production (reducing energy costs)
  • Increase product consistency (reducing costs in the value chain)
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce effluents (into air or water)
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Improve working conditions (noise reduction)

Environmental Innovation

Our achievements in sustainable development demonstrate our leadership in promoting sustainability throughout the value chain. Our Guiding Principles for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability focus on compliance, conservation, and in promoting the three R’s: reduce-reuse-recycle, ensuring environmental stewardship for present and future generations as a fundamental cornerstone for a sustainable business.

Open Innovation

Open innovation provides significant business opportunities by reducing costs, accelerating time to market, increasing differentiation, efficiency and effectiveness of innovation processes, and creating new revenue streams. We recognize its importance and engage with technology providers, customers, and suppliers to develop new products and processes to create customer value.

Circular Economy

We aim to play a leading role in bringing customers of recycled products into the product value chain cycle and recyclability into all our products. This priority is included in our climate change strategy and demonstrated through our participation in Project Mainstream, to accelerate business-driven innovation and help scale recycling.

R&D centers

To retain a competitive advantage, and with 15 Research & Development (R&D) centers worldwide, we leverage innovation to drive efficiencies and improvements in systems and processes. As of December 31, 2018, we have more than 564 product patents that are applicable in the regions where our operating sites are based.