Production Engineer

Company : Indorama Ventures Olefins LLC

Country : United States

Job Responsibilities
Qualification & Experience

Production Engineer Job Duties:

Reporting line:

  • Functionally, the Production Engineer assists and reports directly to Operation Manager in Olefins.Production schedules:
  • Provides operational management information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing operating and engineering data and trends;
  • Identifies operational problems by observing and studying system functioning and performance results;
  • Identifies operational priorities by assessing operational objectives and determining them such as, specific consumption, chemical dosing, daily material balance, operational issues and challenges (short & long term activities/actions/forward path);
  • Anticipates operational problems by studying operating targets, modes of operation, unit limitations; monitoring unit performance;
  • Maintains safe and healthy work environment by following and enforcing standards and procedures; complying with legal regulations;
  • Assist for planning & implementation of production schedules;
  • Involve in planning to achieve set production and quality targets for Olefins;
  • TAM/Shutdown Jobs: Compilation of TAM/shutdown activities/jobs. Ensures preparation of start-up & shutdown plans, procedures, comprehensive blinding arrangement schemes etc. for TAM/ shutdown;Feedback/Instructions:
  • Take adequate feedback on the plant operations from the plant shift supervisors and issue guidelines for plant operations on day to day basis. Give feedback to Operation Manager on plant issues;
  • Standard Operating Procedures: Ensure that all the plant operational activities, start-ups and shutdowns are carried out safely as per the internally developed SOPs;


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Posted date : 11 October 2018