Mr. Anivesh Tewari (4th from left), Plant Head of Indorama Polyester Industries PCL, a subsidiary of Indorama Ventures (IVL) in Nakhon Pathom, recently welcomed Dr. Witoon Simachokdee, (3rd from left) Advisor to Minister of Industry, on a visit to IVL’s PET recycling plant. The company was congratulated for receiving a Green Industry Level 5 award (Green Network) for the year 2020 by the Ministry of Industry, underscoring IVL's commitment to its sustainability pathway. Each year, the factory is capable of recycling as many as 1.8 billion PET bottles, helping Thailand reduce crude oil consumption by 560,000 barrels and reduces CO2 emissions by 133 million kilograms, as well as averting PET plastic waste in landfills. Additionally, treated water within the factory is 80% reusable, focusing on stringent quality control and assurance policies to ensure maximum safety to consumers, which is IVL’s top priority.