The Role of Investor Relations

The Investor Relations Department (IR) acts as an intermediary between Indorama Ventures and its equity and debt investors and the larger financial community.

Its goal is to optimize the understanding of the investment community in terms of strategy, business model, competitive position and financials. IR will give reasonable access to all analysts and the media to help them formulate informed opinions of the Company, but will not seek to influence those opinions. IR will not selectively disclose information but ensure all debt and equity investors are treated equally. The Investor Relations Department does not attempt to manage or influence the Company’s share price but endeavors to create sufficient understanding of the Company so that investors are able to come to their own informed conclusions.

Declaration of the Investor Relations Department:

Trading limitations prior to and following the Release of Material Insider Information

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited is a leader in the global intermediate petrochemicals industry. As such, the IR Department must play a leading role in establishing the reputation of the company above and beyond that required by local rules and regulations. For this reason, we hereby declare that all IR Department management and employees, without exception, will not trade in the company’s stock directly or through third parties for a period of 30 days prior to the release of material insider information to which the IR Department is privy and that may have an impact on the stock price. Moreover, to allow the market to properly understand and digest such information, and for the information to be fully disseminated, the IR Department management and employees will not trade in the company’s shares until two days (48 hours) following the release of such information. Any breach will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Examples of what might be included in material insider information includes, but is not limited to, financial releases and announcements of M&A activities. Information that may be considered immaterial may include usual marketing releases, product advertising or the promotion of the company’s CSR activities.

Richard Jones
Head of the Investor Relations Department

Investor Relations Policy