• The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) suits are made with high-quality yarns that come from recycled PET bottles.
  • Partners - including The Street Ratchada and Big C - collect post-consumer food grade PET bottles which are recycled at IVL’s plant in Nakhon Pathom.

Bangkok – Thailand – 04 June 2021 – Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), a global chemical producer, donated 1,000 PPE suits made from recycled PET yarns to medical personnel fighting COVID-19. The yarns are made from used PET bottles which are collected from around the country and recycled, including through partners such as Big C Supercenter and The Street Ratchada as part of their CSR programs.

The high-quality yarns used to make the PPE suits are made from recycled PET bottles at IVL’s facility in Nakhon Pathom, which is Thailand’s only producer of recycled yarns for medical use. The medical graded PPE suits have been tailored by a producer certified by Thailand's Food and Drug Administration. The company recycles more 1.6 billion post-consumer PET bottles every year, including 60,000 post-consumer bottles collected and donated by The Street Ratchada and Big C.

500 of the PPE suits were donated to eight hospitals in Nakhon Pathom, namely Sam Pran Hospital, Nakhon Chaisi Hospital, Luang Por Poen Hospital, Huai Phlu Hospital, Don Tum Hospital, Bang Len Hospital, Kamphaeng Saen Hospital and Phuttha Monthon Hospital. Another 300 suits were given to field hospitals at Thammasat Hospital and in Nong Chok District in Bangkok, and the Naval Medical Department received 200 PPE suits.

In addition to the PPE suits, IVL is producing 1,000 bedding sets made of yarns 100% recycled from 45 PET beverage bottles and contain property of preventing virus and bacteria. The company will donate to field hospitals at Thammasat Hospital and in Nong Chok District.

Mr. Yash Lohia, Chief Sustainability Officer at Indorama Ventures, said, “We are a responsible Thai company, and as part of our commitment to our community we continue to look at how we can help those around us who may be affected by COVID-19. We have successfully developed recycled PET yarns suitable for the PPE suits since last year. Our goal is to protect the protectors – frontline medical personnel –in a sustainable way. Our 100% recyclable PET plastic has benefits as a hygienic and sustainable material. Our collaboration with The Street Ratchada and Big C will create more awareness of proper waste management and drive cooperation to help create a truly circular economy.”

Mr. Pongsak Nantawannakul, Managing Director at The Street Ratchada, said, "We have supported the production of the PPE suits by collecting the post-consumer PET bottles since last year. We were able to hand over a total of 730 kilograms of PET bottles being raw materials for recycling. We realize that medical personnel are working hard and are at risk of infection. It is important that all parties need to support each other and together fight against the outbreak situation. We would like to encourage all Thai people to be strong and go through this crisis together."

Mr. Piriya Kamoldechdecha, First Executive Vice President of Hyper, Market & Food Place Operations at Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited, a BJC Group retailer, revealed, "The PET bottles collection is part of ‘Biggie Bear Encourage Recycling’ project by the BJC Group’s Big C. We strive to be a driving force and take part in community, society and environment development as 'Thai Retailer with Customers at Its Heart'. More than 137 branches of Big C nationwide are now opening to collect post-consumer PET bottles. BJC Group’s Big C realize an increasing waste during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why we have initiated the project. The collaboration with IVL has enabled us to bring tangible benefits to waste as well as support medical personnel.”