Bangkok, Thailand – 5 October 2021– Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL), a world-class sustainable chemical company, collaborated with the Office of Computer Services at Kasetsart University to make progress on the "KU Green Office" project, an environmentally-friendly initiative that has been continuing for two consecutive years. The initiative aims to provide education on waste separation and recycling management by hosting online training for professors and personnel. The partnership continues following the company’s support of sorting bins and KU Green Application development in the previous year to promote sustainable waste management.

Yash Lohia, Chief Sustainability Officer at Indorama Ventures, said, "IVL aims to be a world-class sustainable chemical company. We are currently the world's largest PET producer and recycler. We are aware of the importance of PET bottle recycling. Therefore, we would like to encourage all sectors to participate in building a circular economy. Since 2011 to present, we have recycled more than 67 billion PET bottles globally and processed them into recycled PET (rPET) resins, yarns and fibers. The rPET products help tackle the problem of plastic waste management effectively and practically promote the circular economy."

"In recent years, IVL has brought knowledge and expertise in recycling to combine with academic knowledge of Kasetsart University in developing projects related to waste management in aqueducts, rivers, canals, and other water sources as well as providing proper bins for waste sorting and training on waste separation and recycling for departments in Kasetsart University. Proper waste management needs continuous effort, especially during the COVID-19 situation, as waste should be stored with care to ensure hygiene. Additionally, recyclable plastics such as PET bottles can also create income and value-added to the economy," Yash mentioned.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchai Numprasertchai, Director of the Office of Computer Service at Kasetsart University, stated, "We would like to thank Indorama ventures for the support to the Green Office project, resulting in the project winning the national award of Excellent (G-Silver) from the G Green project in 2020, organized by the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. We are pleased that IVL has continued to support this project for consecutive years. The first activity of this year's project was a training session on the topic of "Waste in COVID: We Must Sort Waste", which helps our staff to understand proper waste management. This knowledge will therefore help the Green Office project to continue more effectively.”

In addition, proper and suitable waste separation is essential in increasing the efficiency of PET bottle recycling. It helps reduce crude oil consumption, reduce carbon emissions, avert PET plastic waste in landfills and promote natural resource consumption efficiency. These are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of promoting sustainable manufacturing and resource utilization (SDG12).