Bangkok, Thailand - 24 July, 2023 - Indorama Ventures PCL. , a global sustainable chemical company, and Buriram United Football Club recently launched "How to Throw Away" waste management project by training 1,075 teachers and children from 5 schools in Buriram province on proper plastic waste separation and management, types of plastic, and PET recycling process. The objective is to create awareness of post- consumer PET’s value. Participating schools comprise of Prakhonchai Pittayakhom School - Prakhonchai District, Stick School - Satuek District, Thantong Pittiyakhom School - Lamplaimat District, Lamduan Pittayakom School - Kasang District and Bualuang Wittayakom School - Mueang Buriram District. Indorama Ventures also provided learning materials and funding for waste management within the schools, aiming to create a conducive learning space on waste separation and management in the community.