Bangkok - 25 January 2011 - Four companies in the Indorama Ventures (IVL) group have been awarded CSR-DIW Standard Certification by the Department of Industrial Works of Thailand's Ministry of Industry. The certification, which is seen as the first step to acquiring ISO 26000, was introduced by the Department of Industrial Works to encourage businesses to be socially and environmentally responsible. The standard is considered difficult to achieve and reflects the diligence and perseverance of companies to reach a high standard of Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR. The awards were presented at the Grand Four Wings Convention Hotel in Bangkok. The four companies each have their own CSR activities considered most suitable to the society and environment that surrounds them. TPT Petrochemicals Public Co. Ltd., based in Rayong, conceived the Marine Creature Seeding Project in the area offshore from the Nong Fab fishery communities. By returning millions of small sea creatures to the waters of the coast of Nong Fab in Rayong, TPT is helping small fishing communities survive while ensuring that the environment is managed sustainably for the benefit of the local people. The company's Waste Recycle Bank Project at Ban Nong Fab School is a showcase to prove that communities can receive a small income from recycling and thereby assist local children by providing scholarships with the income. Indorama Petrochem Limited in Rayong introduces fire safety training for local villagers. Indorama Polyester Industries Public Co. Ltd., in Rayong introduced an English Tutor Programme in the local community with the spouses of senior management in the company volunteering their time to assist develop children to achieve their full potential. In keeping with the fact that there is a significant Muslim community, the company's employees also cleaned and painted a local mosque. Indorama Polyester Industries Public Co., Ltd., in Nakhon Pathom planted trees around the factory and employees also repaired and painted a children's play park at Wat Sawangarom School, Khlong Thang Luang School and Kasemphet Village. In order to create some supplementary income for the local Khaethaew community, the factory supplied equipment to allow the villagers to make Tuk-Ka-Ta Karaboon, a small doll with a menthol fragrance that is place in cupboards to give clothes a sweet smell and salty eggs, or Khai Khem, a popular delicacy.

People in the picture Mr.Asoke Mathur VP-Operations of Indorama Polyester Industries Public Co., Ltd., in Nakhon Pathom (1st from left), Mr.Satyanarayan Mohta COO of Indorama Petrochem Limited (2nd from left), Mr.Sunil Foteda CMO of TPT Petrochemicals Public Co. Ltd (3rd from left), Mr.Somdech Chaisurin Senior Manager of Indorama Polyester Industries Public Co. Ltd., in Rayong (1st from right).