Indorama Ventures Promotes PET Sustainability at Opening Ceremony of the Ocean Waste Management Project

20 December 2019

On Friday 20th December 2019, Indorama Ventures took part in the opening ceremony of the Ocean Waste Management Project area with an educational exhibition on recycling PET. Mr. Warawut Silpa-archa Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, diplomats, representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, community leaders, students, locals, and other organizations were in attendance, visiting each area of the project. This includes a no-smoking beach, waste collection buoy and boats and exhibitions from both the public and private sector. IVL also distributed shirts made from recycled PET bottles turned into fibers by our recycled products brand DEJA™.

This project was initiated by the Department of Marine and Coastal resources to develop cooperation in marine waste management. The area used is part of Kodpor Public Park in Rayong, stated as a pilot area with plans to expand nationwide in response to the government policy about waste management systems. The development plan to manage the complete system of marine waste management involves solving the problem at the source, which is proper disposal of waste and reduced usage, requiring the cooperation of all sectors.

Rayong’s Village Health Volunteers and the Elderly Receive Knowledge on Recycling and Create Crafts from PET Bottles

17 December 2019

On Tuesday 17th December 2019, Indorama Venture’s CSR Team, in cooperation with Rayong Hospital provided an educational session on waste separation and a workshop on crafts created from PET bottles. There were over 50 participants from Rayong’s Village Health Volunteers and the elderly in heart and diabetes conditions.

The purpose of this education session was to emphasize the importance of waste separation and how each type of waste can be valuable. For example, PET bottles, paper, aluminum cans, zinc, metal and copper can be sold and become a source of income, while promoting correct waste separation methods at the same time.

Our workshop showed participants how daily objects such as coin pouches, vases and lamps can be made from PET bottles. IVL aimed to demonstrate the importance of reusing and adapting materials, being aware of our limited resources and how to manage them while also creating income opportunities with craft ideas.

Indorama Ventures Endorses Creativity and Sustainability at Wonderfruit 2019

16 December 2019

Indorama Ventures endorsed creativity and sustainability at Wonderfruit 2019, an annual festival of arts, music and life at Siam Country Club Pattaya from 12 to 16 December. IVL set up a workshop using PET bottles to create coin pouches, promoting creative ways of recycling and increasing value to the versatile material.

Recycled fabric from IVL was used to decorate Wonderfruit’s Creature Stage, following the collective ethos of creating a circular economy and reducing waste. The stage stood out with its bright colors both during the day and night, representing effective waste management by changing plastic pollution into an aesthetic material.

Both the DIY workshop and Creature Stage demonstrated the adaptability of PET, a material that should be valued and not viewed only as single use. This is integrated in the 3R’s method - reduce, reuse and recycle, which IVL hopes to further encourage all Wonderfruit guests to continue in daily life.

The Spouse of the Ambassador of Poland leads Indorama Ventures to deliver recycling education to students and teachers

04 December 2019

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL) was honored recently by Mrs. Ewa Dubaniowska, the spouse of the Ambassador of Republic of Poland to Thailand, who led the CSR team, to provide education for more than 30 students and teachers at Janusz Korczak School of Southeast Asia at the Mercy Centre in Klong Toey, Bangkok. IVL’s recycling education program provided students with awareness and education on the importance of proper waste separation and recycling. They can now apply such knowledge in their daily life at home and school as well as share with their family and other people to spread more and more awareness. IVL considers that recycling is one of the most sustainable solutions to reduce waste and help the environment for the future. Thus, the company focuses on the young generation, who will be great contributors to long-term sustainable growth in the future, through this 30-Year Recycling Education Project.

Indorama Ventures continues its Recycling Education journey at Wattana Wittaya Acadamy

22 August 2019

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited led by the CSR team educated more than 1,000 students at elementary and secondary levels at Wattana Wittaya Acadamy. IVL’s Recycling Education program, as a part of the school’s “Ingegrated ASEAN” academic event, provided them awareness and education on the importance of waste sorting, values of different waste materials, and the practice of proper waste separation. Moreover, the company showcased an exhibition of recycled materials including PET, the plastic that can produce recycled plastic resin and fiber utilized in various industries e.g. the textile and packaging industries. On this occasion, IVL also provided trash bins for recyclable waste and basket for recycled PET plastic bottles to the school.

Subsidiary of Indorama Ventures Pcl donates over 500 T-shirts made from recycled PET bottles to students at Wat Krok Yai Cha School.

4 July, 2019

TPT Petrochemicals Pcl., A subsidiary of Indorama Ventures Pcl donated T-shirts made from recycled PET bottles to students and teachers at Wat Krok Yai Cha School in Rayong. The company has supported Wat Krok Yai Cha School since 2014, providing training on waste separation and PET recycling to students to raise awareness about waste collection and separation to help protect the environment.

IVL world Environmental day

4 June, 2019

IVL CSR team arranged “ IVL world Environmental day “on 4 June,19 at the ground floor of Ocean Tower 2 building to encourage people to recycle more PET by letting them take PET bottles to exchange for eggs, mini plants, Eco straws and recycle T-shirts. Total PET bottles collected was 63.1 Kilograms and PET bottles will sent to recycle plant at Nakhon Pathom province.

Indorama Ventures Pcl CSR and Sustainability team and provide recycle education pack to Royal Dutch Airline.

22 March, 2019

The representative from Indorama Ventures Pcl CSR and Sustainability team provide recycle education pack “PET is the recyclable plastic” to the representative from Royal Dutch Airline to promote recycle PET and discuss about sustainability business

Indorama Ventures Pcl support money to running activity “Run Fast Stop Stroke” and join booth to education about recycle PET

15 March, 2019

Indorama Ventures Pcl and 3 subsidiaries TPT Petrochemical Pcl, Indorama Petrochen Pcl and Indorama Polyester Industries Pcl. (Rayong) donate 100,000 Baht for running activity “’ Run Fast Stop Stroke “ the objective is to promote running and walking to community people to exercise to have a good health and all revenue from the event will give to local hospitals. Running T-shirt make from recycle plastic bottles that make from Indorama Ventures Pcl and in Indorama Ventures Pcl

Join the press conference and set up exhibition to show recycle PET bottles products and educate how importance to recycle PET, recycling PET is the way to save our resources and environment. The event arrange at Junsuda Room, Star Convention Hotel, Rayong

Watchakpakkood School and Nikomsangtoneng Rayong 5

21 February, 2019

Tri Petch Isuzu took students from painting competition visit recycle PET plant

7 February, 2019

Tri Petch Isuzu took students from painting competition visit recycle PET plant at Indorama Polyester Industries Pcl. Nakhon Pathom

TIPMSE provide Recycling education pack to Bankoha-dang School

29 January, 2019

Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment provided Recycling education pack to Bankoha-dang School at Satun Province.

Indorama Ventures joined with Bangchak Corporation PCL at their booth at Bangchak refinery Sukhumvit 64 on Children Day’s

12 January, 2019

12 January 2019 – Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL) joined with Bangchak Corporation PCL at their booth at Bangchak refinery Sukhumvit 64 on Children Day’s under the theme "Thai Kids with Bio heart". The purpose was to create awareness about biomaterials that can reduce waste and save the environmental. The IVL team supported and educated kids by playing a fun game about how to separate waste correctly and how important it is to recycle PET bottles. We also showed products made from recycled PET to let them know that PET is not waste but can be a raw material to made many products and save the environment. More than 7,400 kids and parents joined the event all enjoyed the activities and received gifts.

Samorkorn Wittayakarn School (Lopburi)

10 January, 2019