IVL Provides PET Recycling Education Material to Uttaradit Vocational College

29 March 2021

IVL supplies PET recycling education material along with samples of fabric made from recycled PET bottles to Uttaradit vocational college. The items will be used to study polymers and fibers as part of classes including textile technology, business management and science for business. The students are able to learn from real materials and understand the recycling process of PET bottles with materials from IVL. We hope that this initiative will help expand science learning experience and create correct understanding of waste separation and the recycling process of PET plastic.

IVL Joins University Recycling Program to Combat Plastic Waste

24 March 2021

IVL joins Trash Lucky to provided training on waste separation and PET recycling for over 100 university members at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). The purpose of this training was to educate participants on plastic pollution problems and proper recycling methods. Trash Lucky demonstrated PET waste separation by squeezing the bottle and removing labels together with all participants. IVL shared knowledge about types of plastic and the PET recycling process, showing how effective waste management can reduce plastic waste to landfills, uses resources efficiently and follows the circular economy model.

Plastic and PET Recycling Training Session at Bangna District Office, Bangkok

23 March 2021

IVL continues its education roadshow, arranging a training session on plastics and recycling PET at Bangna district office in Bangkok. The goal of the session is to promote correct understanding about plastic waste, which is currently a significant problem. We hope to encourage waste separation to bring plastics into the recycling process, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and support a circular economy model in the country.

IVL Supports The Residential Recycling Program.

14 March 2021

IVL collaborated with Trash Lucky to provide a public training session on waste separation and PET recycling at a village in Setthasiri Sanambinnam, Nonthaburi province. This program aims to raise awareness of the current plastic pollution problem, provide knowledge about the value of waste materials and address the importance of correct waste separation for the recycling process. We also set up community recycling bins and arranged activities to encourage residents to segregate their waste, with a chance to win gold and other lucky draw prizes.

Indorama Ventures was invited by Siam University to organize a knowledge session on the circular economy

12 March 2021

Indorama Ventures was invited by Siam University to organize a knowledge session on the circular economy for professors and first year students from the faculty of engineering, business management, fine arts, information technology, communication arts, medicine, music and theatrical arts, with over 100 participants in class and online. The company also provided PET plastic recycling education kits to the university to pass on knowledge and further increase awareness of recycling PET.

IVL communicated knowledge with examples of sustainable management and conducting business following a circular economy model to help students understand the concept and take action to create a sustainable environment. This also aligns to the sufficiency economy model to emphasize efficient use of resources. Recycling plastic is one of the most responsible ways to create a circular economy by reusing, reducing use of resources, creating employment, generating income and decreasing the amount of waste to landfills.

IVL Organizes PET Recycling Education and Waste Separation Activity for Students at Wat Kork Yaicha Rayong Province

10 March 2021

IVL organized a PET recycling education and waste separation activity for students at Wat Kork Yaicha Rayong province, continuing the program for the second year. We aim to encourage students to recognize the importance of waste separation for recycling and how this knowledge can be applied both at school and at home with their families. By sharing the knowledge to others, we hope to widely extend awareness and actions as IVL believes that recycling is a sustainable solution to decrease the use of natural resources and help the environment in the future. We prioritize education and knowledge with the younger generation to help them understand about recycling PET and how to protect our environment from today onwards, implementing consciousness on this issue to the next generations as well.

INSEE Ecocycle Company Limited attend recycling education session.

24 February 2021

IVL welcomed Ms.Piyachat Chaiaroon (2nd from left), Marketing Division Manager and Ms. Supitchaya Tunlathorntham (2nd from right), Compliance Officer, representatives from INSEE Ecocycle Company Limited to attend a recycling education session. On this occasion, IVL provided education kits on recycling PET plastic to support INSEE Ecocycle’s CSR activities on 3 March, 2021 the items were sent to the Border Patrol Police’s learning center at Phayao province to educate and promote proper waste separation and PET recycling in the community. This collaboration will support and expand our education to wider target group and kids were enjoy our materials.

Virtual Online Training for Teachers in Ghana under an IVL Foundation Project.

28 January 2021

Indorama Ventures and the IVL Foundation conducted an educational virtual online training on waste separation and recycling PET plastic for teachers at five schools in Ghana. We hope to provide a better understanding of waste separation and inspire teachers to pass on this knowledge at their schools.