Lovosice, Czech Republic – March 2018 - In line with the continuous growth in the HT Rayon demand for ultra-high performance (UHP) passenger car tires, Glanzstoff Bohemia finished the next step of debottlenecking of its HT Rayon production.

Starting in January 2018, additional spinning machines could be handed over to regular production, bringing the annual capacity to 13.000tons of HT Rayon filament fibers.

In order to secure the supply of HT Rayon fibers and fabrics in case of further growing demand, Glanzstoff Bohemia started in 2017 in parallel the project “Plus 5.000t” asking for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for their production site in Czech Republic.

In February 2018 Glanzstoff Bohemia could successfully complete this EIA process and received the environmental permit for this capacity expansion.

The project itself is now under evaluation and will bring the company to a total yarn production capacity of 18.000tons.

After positive evaluation and internal approval, first additional volume could be available during 2020.

For more information, please contact your direct representative at Glanzstoff or leave your message at www.glanzstoff.com/en/corporate/contact-us