Highlights of IVL's pavilion

IVL's inspiration for the design of our pavilion was the concept of "for life, for the world, for the future, for the ideal Future of Living." We wanted the exterior to look futuristic give a sense of a future, with a globe at the main entrance that is made of PET bottles to show that PET, and Indorama Ventures as the world's largest producer of polyester products, is a part of this world. We designed the interior of the pavilion to take visitors from the history of our company through to the present, with a display of products that most people had no idea were made from polyesters and into the future with an exciting display of the potential for future office and home applications made from reused and recycled polyesters.

Highlights of Past Zone

In the Past Zone, we introduce Exhibits explaining the company's long history, its basic products and the various applications that are made using our products.

Highlights of Present Zone

The present zone showcases our research and development, revealing to visitors some of the future uses of our innovations. We also highlight the fact that polyester is everywhere in our daily lives even though we often do not realize this. To maintain the futuristic flavour of the exhibition there will be an Interactive Screen that shows all PET applications. Here, visitors can have fun while learning more about PET products.

The Think Next area is set to educate kids about the 3R concepts of reduce, reuse and recycle and about the increasing global concerns about the environment. Just to ensure kids don't get bored, we have a game zone for them to learn while playing.

Highlights of Future Zone

RECO Young Designer Competition 2011

Highlights of RECO Competition 2011

As IVL is holding a RECO young designers competition for the BOI Fair, we will have some very high end costume and furniture designs made from recycle PET and Polyester for people to see how talented young Thai kids are. We will be using this opportunity to encourage the reuse of waste and encourage everyone to adopt the recycling of post consumption materials as part of their lives in the future.

Other highlights/ activities

To ensure that people are part of our activities, we will be issuing passports and a quiz for them to win B2P pens made from recycled plastic bottles and other gifts. There is a special show at certain times called the Crystal Balance Show and everyone will see and hear Musical instruments made from recycled materials. Another highlight will be a do it yourself workshop and demonstration so people can learn how to make objects from recycled or reused materials. Finally, our Brand Ambassador, former Miss Universe Natalie Glebova will be on hand for the final of the RECO competition to add some glamour to the finale. Map: Indorama Ventures Outdoor pavilion No.82