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Acquired in 2017

The Winnsboro Plant was built in 1891 by the United Rubber Company, as a cotton tire cored facility. Over the years different areas were added including Plant 1, Plant 2, Weaving and Treating. The current treating unit, built in the 1960s has undergone numerous upgrades throughout the years including new burner controls, installation of RTO, new dip stand, new drives and new surface wind. As a result, the Winnsboro unit is one of the most productive treaters in the industry achieving speeds generally only obtained by new units.




Winnsboro, South Carolina, USA

  • PA Polymerization and SSP
  • Yarn Spinning PA and PET
  • Twisting
  • Airbag weaving
  • Composite materials.
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Indorama Ventures Mobility Winnsboro LLC
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