Acquired in 2018

The Schoeller GmbH & CoKG is one of the world‘s leading worsted yarn producers and innovative wool treating mills. Important products are knitting-, technical-, automotive- and weaving yarns with a large number of fibers and blends used. More than 40 representatives and sales managers serve the most diverse markets all over the world. A century and a half of experience and an innovative R&D ensure that the technological lead is continuously ensured. The course of development is marked by the principle of sustainability firmly enshrined in the corporate philosophy. Schoeller was the first worsted spinning mill in the world to be certified with the comprehensive “bluesign” environmental label. In addition to many other sustainability and innovation awards, Schoeller has also been awarded the coveted “bluesign award”. Briefly summarized: Sustainability + Innovation = Sustainnovation.




Hard, Austria

Dyeing Mill, Treating Mill
Top dye: 1,600 ton, Cone dye: 700 ton, Wool treatment: 1,400 ton (as of Oct. 2018)

EXP, Polycolon, Climayarn

ISO & Related Certifications

EN:ISO 9001, EN:ISO 14001, EN:ISO 50001, Bluesign, Global Organic Standard (GOTS), International Association of Natural Textiles (IVN), EU Ecolable, RWS, Nativa

Technical Yarns, Functional Yarns, Industrial Yarns, Automotive Yarns, treated wool
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Schoeller GmbH & CoKG, Spinnereistraße 10, Austria, 6971 Hard
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Tel: +43 5574 609 - 0