Auriga Polymers

Acquired in 2011

Indorama Ventures acquired INVISTA’s North American polymer assets in 2011. Auriga Polymers produces polyester resins and specialty polymers currently used in bottles, trays, sheets, film and textile applications. Bottles made from Auriga’s resins are used for carbonated soft drinks, water, beer, juice, wine and food. Auriga owns the technology for the Crystal Clear Oxygen Barrier Resin, OxyClear®. Another benefit is enhanced research and development (R&D) capabilities with the integration of Auriga’s R&D with IVL’s existing facilities, including AlphaPet and StarPet.




Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA


Invista Bepex


286,000 tons per annum (as of December 2017)



polyester resins and polyester staple fibers
polyester resins and specialty polymers
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Auriga Polymers
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