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Acquired in 2012

Polyolefin Based Products: Monocomponent and Bicomponent Fibers

Indorama Ventures develops, manufactures, and markets polyolefin fibers for nonwoven, textile and industrial applications. Our fibers are used in nonwovens made by carding, wet lay and air laid web formation processes and consolidated by thermal bonding, air through bonding, needle punching and spunlacing.

Indorama Ventures is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing polyolefin staple fibers for nonwoven applications. Through our joint venture ES Indorama Ventures, we are also the world’s leading supplier of bicomponent fibers.

We use proprietary technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to supply innovative products to customers in industries such as hygiene, textiles, automotive and construction. With the broadest product portfolio of any polyolefin staple fiber company and manufacturing sites around the world, we can supply you with the products you need where you need them.

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Varde, Denmark

Staple fibers

Customer Converting Technologies

As a global industry leader, Indorama ventures makes products for a wide range of technologies that use polyolefin-based staple and short-cut fibers.

Nonwoven Web Formation

  • Carding
  • Air Lay
  • Airlaid
  • Wetlaid

Nonwoven Consolidation

  • Calander Bond
  • Through Air Bond
  • Spunlace
  • Needlepunch

Textile Yarns

  • Ring Spinning
  • Murata Jet Spinning
  • Open End Spinning
ISO & Related Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 50001:2018
Operation Clean Sweep
Statement of Performed Verification and Validation
OEKO-TEX Standard 100
Ledelses Ststem Certifikat

Global R&D Facilities

Our R&D is carried out in a global environment. Research labs in the US, Denmark, and Japan include pilot production operations for fibers and nonwovens as well as analytical facilities.

  1. Fiber production lines vary in scale from small to large that simulate a real-world production line.
  2. Each site has pilot card lines with calendar and through air bonding.
  3. Our U.S. site also has the capability to make air laid products.
  4. Analytical labs have a range of polymer, fiber, and nonwovens testing capabilities.

Leading consumer products companies and converters use our pilot lines - a convenient, cost-effective way to make concept samples for new products.


Our capabilities include:
Typical titer range: 1-20 dTex
PP and PE monocomponent fibers
PP or PET core, PE sheath bicomponent fibers
Speciality polymers / raw materials and customization

Natural (bright), white, or pigmented fibers
Range of fiber lengths:

  • Short cut: 3 - 30 mm
  • Staple cut: 25 - 128 mm

Various fiber designs
Additives for enhanced performance
Hydrophilic, durably hydrophilic, hydrophobic, other functional finishes
Recycled polymers

Indorama Ventures also manufactures a range of proprietary fibers for customers.

Safe By Design

Polyolefin based solutions available for:
No ADM (Animal Derived Materials)
Non-silicone hydrophobic
No Palm oil / Certified
No Phthalates
No Antimony in PET
No Biocides
FCM (Food Contact Materials)

Please state your needs and let us piece together the best solution.

Sustainability: Built into Every Product

Indorama Ventures is committed to safe operations and responsible stewardship of the environment. We believe that our business must be a safe place to work, our facilities must be good neighbours in their communities, and our operations and products should be continuously improved to reduce their impact on the environment.

Our concern for sustainable development has led us to examine and manage the environmental impact of our products throughout their entire life cycle—from raw materials through final use and disposal.

For a thorough insight to our commitment, please visit the subject on our website:

Markets Segments Served

As the world's leading provider of mono and bicomponent polyolefin fibers, Indorama Ventures has sustainable, high-quality solutions for manufacturers in a variety of industries.

Top Sheet
Leg Cuff
Acquisition Distribution Layer
Back Sheet
Extensible Fabrics
Closure Systems

Baby Wipes
Household & Industrial Wipes

Top Sheet

Air Filtration
Liquid Filtration
Battery Separator

Building and Construction
Concrete Reinforcement
Insulation Binders
Floor Underlayment
Ceiling Tiles

Soil and Road Stabilization
Landfill Liners
Pool Liners
Furniture and Bedding

Binder for Lightweight Composites
Moldable Fabrics
Needlepunch Fabrics

Apparel and Textiles
Performance Apparel
Thermal Underwear

Teabags and Coffee Filters
Paper Towels
Specialty Paper

Binder Technology / Composites
Composite structures
Flexural or hard compressed elements
Natural and non-polymeric fibers binders

Technical Solutions (Other)
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