Indorama Ventures Mobility (Kaiping) Co., Ltd.

Acquired in 2015

Our Fibers site is located in Guangdong, China, and co-located with Indorama Ventures' facilities supplying polyester chips. Our Fibers team produces polyester fibers, dimensionally stable DSP® yarn, canvas, tire cord fabrics and dipped single end cords, using the technology of fiber spinning, cord fabrication and surface treatment to deliver a wide spectrum of properties.




Kaiping, Guangdong, China

    • Fiber spinning
    • Fabrication and surface treatment for a wide spectrum of properties
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Polyester fiber, canvas, tire cord fabric, dipped single end cord
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Performance Fibers (Kaiping) Company Limited
No. 1 Meihua Road, Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong, PRC