Performance Fibers (Kaiping)

Acquired in 2015

Performance Fibers is located in Guangdong, China, and co-located with Indorama Ventures Kaiping, which supplies polyester chips. Performance Fibers produces polyester fibers, dimensionally stable DSP® yarn, canvas, tire cord fabrics and dipped single end cords, using the technology of fiber spinning, cord fabrication and surface treatment to deliver a wide spectrum of properties. Performance Fibers serves customers mainly in the automotive market.




Kaiping, Guangdong, China

    • Fiber spinning
    • Fabrication and surface treatment for a wide spectrum of properties

70,000 tons per annum

Previous Owner

Sun Capital Partners


Guangdong Indorama Ventures Kaiping (GIVL)

Types of Product

Polyester fiber, canvas, tire cord fabric, dipped single end cord

Types of End Market




ISO & Related Certifications

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
OEKO‐TEX® Standard 100

Polyester fiber, canvas, tire cord fabric, dipped single end cord

The Performance Fibers of today has emerged from a long history of company structural and capability development that has enabled itself to continue to grow and excel through different market conditions.

Performance Fibers business is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indorama Ventures Company which is the world’s largest PET producer. Performance Fibers’ Asia business was acquired by Indorama Ventures on 1st April 2015 as part of latter’s growing high-value added business portfolio. Before that, Performance Fibers was owned by Sun Capital Partners, Inc who acquired the business from Honeywell International in 2004.

Performance Fibers continues a legacy of commitment, reliability and innovation that traces its roots to the post-World War II years when the fibers business was begun by Allied Chemical (subsequently AlliedSignal and Honeywell).

Performance Fibers’ management team comprises an Asia-based team of business and functional leaders averaging 25 years of experiences. The team, combining a mix of rich fiber industry and international experience as well as functional skills gained from multi-national companies, is committed to delivering superior value to customers and stakeholders. Our leadership team includes the President, CFO, site GM, HR Director, Marketing Director, Sales Director, Technology Director, and Product Management Director. They are based out of Hong Kong, Kaiping China and Malaysia.

Performance Fibers is headquartered in Hong Kong with sales offices in Malaysia, Delhi and Shanghai.

Performance Fibers’ production site is located in Kaiping, Guangdong, China employing over 1000 workers. The production facilities have installed the state-of-the-art equipment with fiber spinning, fabrication and surface treatment capability. The site is also home to the 6,000 square foot Technology Center which enables the Performance Fibers technology team to locally pilot and validate solutions for existing and new applications

  1. Hong Kong (Headquarters)
  2. Kaiping, China (Manufacturing and Technology Center)
  3. Kuala Lumpur (Main Sales Office)
  4. Shanghai, China (Sales Office)
  5. Delhi, India (Sales Office)

Performance Fibers has a portfolio of product performance that derives from different yarn types such as polyester, Nylon 66 and aramid and from different product forms including tire cord fabrics, twisted cord, high tenacity fully drawn yarn (FDY), canvas and dipped single end cord (SEC).

Performance Fibers is able to deliver this wide range of fiber and fabric performance because it has formed strategic alliances with major producers of aramid and N66 in addition to having own core strengths in Polyester fiber and fabric producers. Performance Fibers is the pioneer in DSP® dimensionally stable polyester and have over the years been a high quality and consistent supplier of DSP® yarn and twisted cord, tire cord fabrics, canvas, and SEC to tire, MRG and industrial markets.

Performance Fibers has been in past few years engaged in product innovations for addressing the evolving requirements in the tire reinforcement market. Tire cord fabric new performance includes high thermal adhesion THERMTEC™ to reduce risk of heat-generated failure, extra-high dimensional stability UNITEC™ for enhanced handling, extra-high tenacity ECOTEC™ for carcass weight reduction and specialty material of unique properties PLYTEC™ and CAPTEC™ for nylon replacement and lowered total cost of ownership in carcass and cap ply applications respectively.

Markets We Serve

Performance Fibers have targeted Tire, MRG, auto-safety, sewing thread and selected industrial markets for growth, supplying a range of performance products to satisfy the high standard of customers’ industries.

Performance Fibers seeks to build longer term customer relationship and partnership in the chosen markets, constantly monitoring the evolving market requirement and investing in R&D efforts to develop product offerings that add value to customers’ products and processes.


Indorama Ventures combines its global industrial filaments businesses to form the Indorama Mobility Group in order to offer essential solutions to the Tire, Automotive Safety and Functional Materials sectors.

BANKGKOK, THAILAND – 16 May 2019 – Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL) today announced the formation of a new business unit within the IVL Fibers division named the Indorama Mobility Group, which will comprise three business segments, namely Tire, Automotive Safety and Functional Materials.

The formation of the Indorama Mobility Group is the culmination of successive strategic acquisitions over the past five years: PHP Fibers, Performance Fibers, Trevira Filaments, Glanzstoff, Kordarna and UTT. The Group collectively owns decades of industry knowledge, experience and brand equity and this creates a unique portfolio of fiber, yarn, single-end cord and fabric based on polyester, polyamide, rayon, aramid hybrid and PEN, emerging as an integrated global business unit.

The Indorama Mobility Group's target markets are tire reinforcement, airbags, seatbelts, mechanical rubber goods, sewing threads, fabrics, ropes and cordage, automotive interior, home textiles and composites wherein it has built strong positions over the years, notably in the automotive sector. This intra-group businesses merger creates a truly global presence and accelerates business growth through cross proliferation of product lines, expanded customer partnership and a global manufacturing footprint.

The Indorama Mobility Group today has a sales revenue in excess of $1billion with 16 manufacturing sites in nine countries employing over 6,000 people.

Headed by Mr. Jochen Boos, Chief Executive Officer of the newly-formed Indorama Mobility Group (formerly CEO of PHP Fibers), the new unit will pursue a growth path that is intertwined with the exciting development of the Mobility industry.

"Today's suppliers have to adapt to the strong and disruptive trends that are already approaching like e-mobility, autonomous driving, shared mobility and smart vehicles which are creating new opportunities for fibers and textiles", said Mr. Boos.

Spearheading the global Commercial and Operations is Mr. Arnaud Closson, Chief Operating Officer, Indorama Mobility Group (formerly CEO of Glanzstoff) who remarked, "the newly created Indorama Mobility Group, supported by its long-standing legacy brands, will integrate all of its assets and unify its go-to-market strategy. We aim to leverage our global operational footprint and tailor our product portfolio to deliver even better customer value."

The structure of the Indorama Mobility Group is aligned to provide functional leadership, driving market focus through the dedicated commercial organization of the three business segments, accelerating technology and product innovations through centralized R&D and benchmarking best practices across sites to deliver a new level of manufacturing excellence. Supporting these new initiatives is a geographically and culturally diversified workforce located worldwide.

On sustainability, the Group is committed to have a positive impact on customers and on society, contributing to Indorama Ventures' mission to be a responsible industry leader that creates value for our business and society.

Moving forward as a new business, while there is a continuation of activities conducted under the legacy companies, the Indorama Mobility Group is the business partner and the brand to be reckoned with.

"Empowering safety and performance" – fibers and textiles that move the world.

Trade Shows and Technical Paper Presentations by Performance Fibers

20th-22th September, 2017
RubberTech in Shanghai, China
Performance Fibers, PHP & Glanzstoff
17th-21th September, 2017
National Tire Material Technical Seminar in Shanghai, China
Performance Fibers
9th-12th May, 2017
Techtextil in Frankfurt, Germany
Indorama Venture Limited
14th-16th February, 2017
Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany
Performance Fibers and PHP
1st-3nd December, 2016
RubberTech in Shanghai, China
Performance Fibers and PHP
3rd-5th May, 2016
Techtextil in Atlanta, USA
Performance Fibers and PHP
9th-11th March, 2016
GRTE in Bangkok, Thailand
Performance Fibers
16th-18th February, 2016
Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany
Performance Fibers

If you would like to contact us for our products and services, please reach out to one of the following locations or email us at

PF HQ - Hong Kong
Performance Fibers
Rm3B, 22/F 148 Electric Road North Point, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2110 8242
PF Asia- Shanghai
Performance Fibers
Room 608, 777 Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200030 P R China
Tel :+86 21 51567866
PF Asia-Kuala Lumpur
Performance Fibers
Suite 19A-24-1, Level 24, UOA Centre 19 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : +603 2175 0008
PF Asia – India
Indian Liaison Office Gurgaon 122009, Haryana, India
Tel : +91-124-4148556
PF contact in all other regions/countries (all applications)
Performance Fibers
Suite 19A-24-1, Level 24, UOA Centre 19 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : +603 2175 0008

从“亚洲高性能纤维”到全新的“高性能纤维”,再到整合为Indorama Venture Limited,公司逐步实现全球化,资源更为丰富,与客户的关系也越发紧密。

Performance Fibers位于中国广东,与聚酯片供应商Indorama Ventures Kaiping共享协同定位。公司始建于 1993 年,2015 年 4 月 1 日被联合信号公司(AlliedSignal)、霍尼韦尔公司(Honeywell)与 Sun Capital Partners收购。

高性能纤维有限公司生产聚酯纤维和纱线、尺寸稳定的 DSP® 纱线、帆布、帘子布和单根浸胶帘线。使用纺丝、织造和表面处理等技术创造一系列高性能架材料特性。高性能纤维有限公司主要服务汽车市场客户,年度总产能为 52,000 吨。



Performance Fibers(PF)现在是Indorama Venture Limited(IVL)旗下的一家全资子公司,IVL是全球最大的聚对苯二甲酸乙二酯 (PET) 生产商。PF公司的亚洲分公司于 2015 年 4 月 1 日被IVL收购,成为IVL日趋壮大的高增值业务组合的一部分。在此之前,PF公司由 Sun Capital Partners 股份有限公司所有,后者于 2004 年从霍尼韦尔公司(Honeywell)收购了该公司。

Performance Fibers(PF)秉承承诺、可靠和创新的理念,该理念可追溯至第二次世界大战之后,联合化学(Allied Chemical)股份有限公司(其后发展为联合信号公司AlliedSignal和霍尼韦尔公司Honeywell)开始经营纤维业务。

高性能纤维有限公司的管理团队由亚洲的业务和职能部门领导组成,平均都有 25 年工作经验。该团队拥有丰富的纤维行业和国际运营经验以及来自跨国公司的专业职能管理技能,致力于为客户和利益相关方创造卓越的价值。我们的领导团队包括公司总裁、首席财务官(CFO)、工厂总经理、人力资源总监、市场总监、销售总监、技术总监、产品经理和健康、安全、环境(HSE)及政府关系经理,工作地点在香港、中国开平和马来西亚。


高性能纤维有限公司生产工厂位于中国广东省开平市,员工超过 1000 人。生产设施配有最先进的设备,具备纺丝、织造和表面处理能力。该工厂也是面积达 6,000 平方英尺的技术中心所在地,这使高性能纤维有限公司的技术团队可以在工厂对现有及新产品应用的解决方案进行试行与验证。

  1. 香港(总部)
  2. 中国开平(制造和技术中心)
  3. 吉隆坡(主要销售办事处)
  4. 中国上海(销售办事处)
  5. 印度德里(销售办事处)

高性能纤维有限公司拥有源自不同纱线材料类型,如聚酯、尼龙 66 和芳纶和不同产品格式,包括轮胎帘布、加捻粗线、高强工业丝(FDY)、帆布和单根浸胶帘线(SEC))的多种产品性能组合。

除了在聚酯纤维和织物生产商中拥有核心竞争力外,高性能纤维有限公司还与芳纶和 N66 主要生产商结成了战略联盟,这使得公司能够提供具有上述各种纤维和织物性能的产品。高性能纤维有限公司是提供尺寸稳定的聚酯 DSP® 产品的先驱者,多年来该公司一直是 DSP® 纱线、加捻粗线、轮胎帘布、帆布、轮胎的单根浸胶帘线及工业市场的高品质供应商。

在过去几年里,为满足轮胎加固市场不断增长的需求,高性能纤维有限公司一直在进行产品创新。轮胎帘布的新性能包括:高热粘附性 THERMTEC™,可减少高热产生故障的风险;有助提升操控的极高尺寸稳定性 UNITEC™;极高韧性 ECOTEC™,可减少胎体重量;具有独有特性的专业材料 PLYTEC™ 和 CAPTEC™ ,替代尼龙并降低胎体和冠带层的总成本。


高性能纤维有限公司以 轮胎、 MRG、 汽车安全、 缝纫线 以及所选工业市场作为实现公司发展的目标市场,提供满足各行业客户的高标准需求的多种高性能产品



去年高性能纤维公司并入 Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL),今天我们 很高兴宣布高性能纤维公司获得了 IVL 董事会批准新的扩建项目,公司即将在中国广东省开平市 翠山湖目前的工厂旁边建设一套配套的浸胶生产线,以进一步扩大其轮胎帘布的产能。

高性能纤维公司是全球轮胎行业顶尖的涤纶轮胎帘布供应商之一,扩建是 Indorama Venture 支持高性能纤维公司有机增长的第一个重大战略举措。

“扩建标志着我们的轮胎帘布产能将提高 40%以上,标志着我们支持客户未来的发展计划的 承诺。 ”高性能纤维公司总裁陈炽云先生表示。

新工厂将及时为来自多种技术平台开发的新产品的需求增长提供支持。新工厂预计于 2018 年投产。 “Indorama Ventures 将汽车市场视为未来扩张的战略重点,我们认为高性能纤维是我们在汽 车业务板块的增长引擎。在开平的现有工厂提升产能是我们的战略计划的关键第一步,与此同时, 我们正在研究如何投资以进一步提高我们的全球化制造布局。”Indorama Ventures 的纤维事业 部总裁 Uday Gill 先生表示。

如果您想要咨询我们的产品和服务信息,请联系以下地点或给我们发电子邮件,我们会将您的询问直接发给负责代表。(注:PHP 也是Indorama Venture Limited的一家子公司。)

PF 总部 — 香港
Performance Fibers
高性能纤维有限公司 香港北角英皇道 255 号国都广场 27 楼
电话:+852 2110 8242
PF Asia — 上海
Performance Fibers
高性能纤维有限公司 中国上海市徐汇区虹桥路 777 号 608 室, 邮编 200030
电话:+86 21 51567866
PF Asia — 吉隆坡
Performance Fibers
Suite 19A-24-1, Level 24, UOA Centre 19 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
电话 : +603 2175 0008
PF Asia — 印度
Indian Liaison Office Gurgaon 122009, Haryana, India
电话 : +91-124-4148556
PF 美洲
Performance Fibers
C/O: Polyamide High Performance, Inc 300 Serrano Way Scottsboro, AL35769, USA
电话:+1256 218-40000
PF 欧洲
Performance Fibers
C/O: PHP Fibers GmbH Kasinostr. 19-21 42103 Wuppertal, Germany
电话:+49(0)202 32-2361
Performance Fibers
Suite 19A-24-1, Level 24, UOA Centre 19 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
电话 : +603 2175 0008
Contact Details
Performance Fibers (Hong Kong)
Unit 3604, 36/F., AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2566 1345
Fax: +852 21100033

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