Corporate Social Responsibility - or CSR – is a process where companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business and interactions with stakeholders. Our CSR goal is to create a positive impact on society and deliver value whether social, environmental, or economic. We focus on creating value for our business and society to ensure the company remains sustainable.

IVL group-wide strategy on corporate citizenship and philanthropic contributions focuses on three major priorities:

We aim to achieve this by facilitating and engaging the global community, leveraging strengths in collaboration, raising awareness, and developing the value chain. This is separated into three key areas of focus which are knowledge, well-being, and environment, together covering an extensive scope of concepts. Within these areas, operations are based on four core principles of embracing change, diversity, uniqueness, and leadership, affecting key stakeholders such as the community, educational institutions, government organizations, employees, customers and more.

Global CSR Targets by 2030

CSR Focus Areas


We believe that establishing Waste Education programs - including plastics and the recycling process - for young people to install environmental responsible mindsets leads to strengthening STEM education and innovation. This can help address the waste challenge.

  • Promote PET education in schools and communities on the importance of waste separation and recycling.
  • Create awareness of PET as a 100% circular and recyclable plastic to support a circular economy.
  • Support STEM education and literacy for long-lasting social change and transformation.
  • Promote innovation to address social challenges.


We believe in strengthening communities by focusing on quality of life, to facilitating access to health awareness and community care facilities.

  • Promote the physical and mental well-being of community members.
  • Enhance access to quality healthcare services and resources.
  • Increase income opportunities for people in communities.
  • Provide capability building and skill training to empower people with entrepreneurship ability to strengthen local economies.
  • Preserve and promote art and culture.


We believe that protecting and conserving the environment is the key to sustaining our planet. Our objective is to conserve natural resources and the existing environment. We are pleased to have supported and positively impacted organizations by collaborating with partners across the globe.

  • Initiate collaborative efforts to reduce waste and collect post-consumer PET bottles to create a circular economy.
  • Promote Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to minimize waste and encourage sustainability.
  • Support the conservation of natural resources and the environment within the community.