AlphaPet Inc.

The AlphaPet Inc. production facility is co-located with Indorama Ventures Xylenes & PTA for the supply of PTA and some utilities. Production on the first line began in September 2009 with a second line coming on board in June 2010. The facility uses Melt-to-Resin (MTR) technology which has a number of advantages over conventional PET technologies including significant operational savings and reduced energy consumption. In 2011, a new recycling plant built onsite began operations which uses Flake-to-Resin (FTR®) technology. AlphaPet Inc. is now one the largest integrated sites in North America.




Decatur, Alabama (US)


Uhde Inventa-Fischer MTR (Melt to Resin) No SSP


450,000 tons per annum (as of December 2017)



PET polymers for PET bottles, sheets, and other applications
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AlphaPet Inc.
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