As a leading chemical company, Indorama Ventures Pcl demonstrates leadership in regards to driving sustainability development, innovation, product stewardship, creating positive impact on climate. Throughout 2017, IVL played an active role in various industry associations. 

We continue to be a member in industry associations including the European PET Bottle Platform, Responsible Care Management Committee of Thailand (RCMCT), PETCycle project, PET Resin Association, Operation Clean Sweep, The Association of Plastic Recyclers, National Association for PET Container Resources, Committee of PET Manufacturers in Europe (CPME), Plastics Recyclers Europe, PET Container Recycling Europe (Petcore Europe), EDANA, Americas Fiber Manufacturing Association, British Plastics Federation Recycling Council, The Employers’ Association of Bavarian Chemical Industry and others. 

Indorama Ventures' Potential Policy Influence Spendings

Top 5 Contribution Receivers in 2017 Type of Payment Type of Organization Total Amount (USD)
2014 2015 2016 2017

World Economic Forum

The Foundation is an international organization integrating leaders from business, governments, academia and society at large into a global community committed to improving the state of the world.

Strategic Partner Associate fee Nonprofit organization - Foundation 255,000 383,000 459,00 510,000


A European association of chemical fiber producers

Membership fee Lobbying, interest representation or similar 142,000 146,000 154,000 150,000

IVC - Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser e.V.

A representative of major man-made fibres manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Membership fee Lobbying, interest representation or similar 122,000 123,000 121,000 113,000

Committee of PET Manufacturers Europe (CPME)

A European non-profit trade association based in Brussels representing European PET resin producers

  • Membership Fee
  • One time contingency budget payments
Trade association 63,000 70,000 115,000 90,000

National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR)

A trade association for the PET Packaging Industry in the United States, Canada and Mexico

Membership fee Trade association 38,000 30,000 75,000 54,000
Contributions to all Oranganizations 1,300,000 1,509,000 1,776,000 1,792,000
Top Spending Topic in 2017 Total Amount (USD)
Sustainability Development 783,000
Business/Trade Promotion 508,000
Environment and Recycle 177,000
Employment Affairs 166,000
Others (e.g. Social and Communty Development, Diversity and Heath & Safety) 158,000
Total 1,792,000

Number of IVL subsidiaries and associated companies at the end of each year:

  • - 2014: 92
  • - 2015: 113
  • - 2016: 118
  • - 2017: 129