• Growing together

    Our employees act as brand ambassadors in demonstrating what is great about IVL and helping to attract the best talent. We ensure successful leadership transitions, develop the next generation of leaders and unlock the potential of our emerging and diverse workforce.

  • Global touch

    Indorama Ventures has identified and acted on important opportunities as global chemicals company. We achieve more with the inclusion of the diverse experiences and perspectives of our employees. We encourage our employees to learn, share and develop valuable knowledge transferred among the global profession team.

  • Engagement

    Indorama Ventures strives to create and maintain healthy employee relations with two-way dialogue between management and employees. Our continuous achievements can be seen through the high participation rate as well as the employee engagement score that has been very satisfactory and increased annually according to yearly Employee Engagement Survey.

  • Sustainable Workplace

    We are committed to creating and maintaining a sustainable workplace for our employees. One crucial dimension is to consistently maintain our environmental, health and safety standards. At Indorama Ventures, we track and assess recordable and lost-time incident rates against industry and benchmarked world-class averages.