The first ever business of Indorama Ventures began in 1994 with the incorporation of Indorama Holdings Ltd., the first worsted wool yarn producer in Thailand.

With a niche segment of the market and a strategy of low-cost and high quality production using best-in-class machinery and the latest technology, we have been recognized through to today as one of the leading producers of premium worsted yarns.

Our Wool Facility
About Worsted Wool Fabrics

The name Worsted is derived from Worstead, a village in the English county of Norfolk. Worsted wool fabric is typically used in making tailored garments such as suits, as opposed to woolen wool, which is used for knitted items such as sweaters. The essential feature of worsted yarns are their straight, parallel fibers. Worsteds differ from woolens, in that the natural crimp of the wool fiber is removed in the process of spinning the yarn. IVL produces wool from Merino sheep. These sheep are sought after for their coats, which are said to produce the finest, softest wool available.

While many forms of wool require that the fiber undergo a spinning process, the production of worsted wool follows a slightly different path. Rather than going directly into a spinning process, the wool is first combed in a carding process. This is where the fibers are separated and prepared for spinning to remove any short and brittle fibers from the wool, leaving only the longer strands of fiber to undergo the spinning process, producing a smooth yarn that possesses a higher durability.

Owing to the strength of worsted wool, the fibers can be woven into a finer material that is more crease resistant than many other fabric choices making it ideal for garments that need to hold their shape. Worsted wool has been a popular choice for men’s trousers, pleated skirts for women, and both men’s suits and sport jackets. And because worsted wool is so durable, it wears very well and drapes easily, making it an ideal fabric for a variety of garments.

Our Product Offerings

We produce a broad range of over 500 products, ranging from 10 Nm to 125 Nm, for all end-use sectors that can be classified into six main product groups:

Conventional Weaving Yarns include single yarns, double yarns, untwisted yarns, crepe yarns, siro yarns and Blended yarns.

Stretch Yarns are worsted yarns with a type of synthetic filament known for their exceptional elasticity. Products in this category include core spun, duo spun, assembly route, wool nylon blends, easy care, and bright and clear types.

Knitting Yarns consist of 100% wool and/or nylon blends, in either Total Easy Care (TEC), Basolan or Super Wash Treated Wool. These yarns are available for both flat knits and circular knits. It can be waxed or unwaxed yarns and available on hank or paper/plastic/PSDP cones.

Environmentally-Friendly Yarns comprise organic yarns, Eco wool yarns, and Oeko Tex certified yarns.

Compact Yarns include conventional yarns, single yarns, double yarns, high twist yarns, and siro yarns.

Special End use Yarns consist of wool yarns with water soluble PVA products, high luster wool, cashmere wool, fire resistant wool fibers, and more.

Other details:
  • All of our yarns are standard yarns, however, we are always open to customized yarn production and services.
  • Yarns can be supplied on 4*20” plastic and paper cones, PSDP and 3*30” paper cones.
  • Knitting yarns in addition to the above packages can be provided as hanks as well.
  • The standard package weight is 1.5 kg, however, we can provide customized package dimensions as well.
  • Normally, the yarn packages are 4*20” plastic, and we supply our yarn on a plastic cone.
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