We integrated backwards to produce the upstream materials for the production of PET and Polyester. The advantage of having an internal supply of raw materials is that we can maintain both their efficiency and cost philosophy.

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As a leading manufacturer of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), we offer products in different grades, including hot-fill, high and low intrinsic viscosity, quick heat and general grade, and much more.

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To support a variety of customers’ requirements, we offer raw materials for food and beverage containers and other consumables. Our products comprise PET molding bottles (preform), bottle caps and bottles.

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Our polyester and other types of fibers and yarns are used in the Automotive and Technical, Home and Apparel, and Hygiene and Medical segments.

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Recycled Products

We cater to our customers preferences and proactively address environmental issues. Our recycled products are bottle flakes, recycled PET or rPET, and recycled fibers.

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Before entering the chemical industry, we began our first business in premium worsted wool yarns, using best-in-class machinery and the latest technology.

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