We are one of the world’s leading petrochemicals producers with

A presence in 33 countries

123 Manufacturing facilities

24,000 professional

Consolidated Revenue 11.4 billion USD
(end of 2019)

Our Business Segments

Integrated Oxides and Derivatives

Combined PET


Leadership Positions

Indorama Ventures is a prominent industry player with more than 70 percent of our revenue is from product lines in leading market positions across the value chain:

  • PET polymers producer globally
  • PET polymers producer in North America
  • PET polymers producer in Europe
  • Recycled PET producer globally
  • Polyolefin staple and bicomponent fiber producer globally
  • Specialty Polyester fiber producer in Europe and North America
  • Single end cord producer for high performance tire applications globally
  • Purified Ethylene Oxide producer in North America
  • Polyamide 6.6 airbag yarns globally
  • Rayon tire cord producer globally
  • Polyester tire fabrics producer in China
  • IPA producer globally and only in Europe

1 in 2

premium baby diaper made from our fibers

1 in 4

airbags made from our yarns

1 in 5

PET bottles made from our PET resin

2nd Largest

Ethylene Oxide producer in the US

Group Strategy

Our objective is to strengthen our position as a market leader in the polyester value chain segment of intermediate petrochemicals in terms of scale, integration and differentiation as well as profitability and return on investment, supported by a focus on delivering long-term, superior shareholder value.

Our vertical integration refers to asset ownership, co-located sites with owned assets, or virtual integration through co-located sites with key raw material suppliers to enhance our operational and logistical efficiency, cost-competitiveness and raw material security. Integration through owned assets also enhances our ability to insulate ourselves from sector cyclicality and improve the quality, visibility, and predictability of earnings.

We are expanding our business into diverse regions where we see the potential for growth, especially in emerging markets. Through our local manufacturing facilities, enhancing valued integration allows us to serve customers from close and convenient locations. Today, our companies around the world sell products in more than 100 countries.

We have invested substantially in a diversified earnings stream through our High Value-added (HVA) portfolio. The move to HVA allows us to broaden our product offerings to meet increasing customer expectations. Premium margin HVA products are protected by intellectual property and are driven by our application development capabilities. This enables us to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition.