Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Strategy

As a member of society, we are fully aware of our roles and responsibilities. We aim to have a positive impact on society and deliver value whether social, environmental or economic, and focus on truly creating value for our business and society, to ensure the company remains sustainable.

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Other Initiatives
Other Initiatives

Apart of our recycling business, we have also initiated many projects concerning to the environment issues. We have run the educational projects on waste segregation, motivation on upcycling and the raise of awareness in 3R.

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CSR Governing Structure
CSR Governing Structure

IVL has a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee based at its headquarters in Bangkok to oversee the creation and communication of its Sustainability Policy

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Goal To ensure the company remains sustainable
Purpose Economic growth and social license to operate
CSR Themes


  • Promoting STEM Education and investing in the future workforce.
  • Encouraging increased recycling and awareness


  • Improving quality of life and well-being
  • Revitalizing healthy living


  • Ensuring a clean environment for a better society
  • Minimizing impacts from our operations

Performance Highlight

To raise public awareness of plastic waste management and recycling, we collaborated with the IVL foundation to provide bin and encourage waste separation, Consumer behaviour was measured to see changes after use and disposal methods in order to evaluate the impact of our recycling education to society.

In 2020, we have progressed greatly on training and education to society as follows:

Classroom Training
Teaching Hours
Public Events
Public company & Organization
Recycling Talks
Total people were educated
Article about Recycling
Virtual Trainings
Recycling Materials Downloads
Recycling VDOs Downloads
Recycling Bins Donated
rPET Shirts Donated
Recycling Factory Visits
Bottles collected globally
Bottles delivered to factory

Recycling Education

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We aim to create positive impact on society and focus on delivering results while simultaneously advancing economic, environmental and social Factors to ensure the company and community are sustainable.

Social Contribution

USD 153,140
Total in-kind of giving
USD 82,360
Total management Overheads

CSR program and activities

60,960 Hours
Volunteered during paid Working hours by employees
USD 1,142,800
Estimated cost of employees volunteered during paid working hours

Result and outcome

Education (Recycling)
26 schools, 13,1499 student, 163 teachers560 community people 3,862 donated shirts made from recycled PET bottles
Health (Access to health and services)
594 medical cases (physical check up, dental care,Transportation to hospitals provided for free) 144 cleft palate operations performed Supported by the IVL foundation
Environment (Conservation)
Wetlands edge environment centre, USAThe wadden Sea National Park, Denmark Sponsored Asheboro Zoo, USA Improving biodliversification in water sources by releasing fish conservation of water by planting trees and maintenance at the dam Collected 400 kg of waste from cleaning up water sources.