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Recycling Education Performance

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CSR Performance

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CSR Activities

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CSR Governing Structure & Policy

IVL has a Global Sustainability Committee based at its headquarters in Bangkok to oversee the creation and communication of its Sustainability Policy.

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CSR Strategy

We aim to implement CSR practices to meet with the Shared Value concept. To inspire our employee motivation, we encourage them to uplift their CSR activities by building awareness on the Creating Shared Value (CSV) concept. This means that we can address societal challenges through corporate expertise and accelerate initiative to create benefits for business and communities.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

IVL’s Corporate Social Responsibility themes are focused on creating value for both the business and society, and are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives

Apart of our recycling business, we have also initiated many projects concerning to the environment issues. We have run the educational projects on waste segregation, motivation on upcycling and the raise of awareness in 3R.

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Recycling Education

Recycling Education

To raise public awareness of plastic waste management and recycling, we collaborated with the IVL foundation to provide bin and encourage waste separation, Consumer behaviour was measured to see changes after use and disposal methods in order to evaluate the impact of our recycling education to society.

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2023 Circular Economy Education Performance

We committed to educate one million people globally by 2030. This commitment is exemplified in our initiatives, such as Waste Hero, a global education program, and Recycling Education, which empowers the next generation with the knowledge to reduce, separate, and dispose of waste along with inspiring individuals to take meaningful action towards a circular economy for a sustainable future.

437,465 people reached

schools/universities engaged
teaching hours
classroom training
Events to promote Circular Economy
Thai companies joined the program
International organization accessed to Waste Hero Resources
Education materials downloaded
tons or
of PET bottles returned to recycling factory

Overall CSR Performance 2023

Social contribution


Cash contribution:

$ 2,773,633

In-kind giving:

$ 327,693

Total management overhead:

$ 125,597

Time of employee volunteered:

15,126 hours

A second consecutive recognition & Best-in-class for the Special Thai Development Award 2023

PET bottles for a better tomorrow

Results and Outcomes

  • 65 initiatives that promote recycling awareness and education.
  • 24 initiatives that support internship and scholarship programs.
  • 9 initiatives that support the STEM education and innovation program.
Community Care
  • 165 initiatives that support infrastructure, sports, health, and well-being enhancement.
  • 110 initiatives that support local activities and event.
  • 85 initiatives that support groups of vulnerable people, natural disasters, and emergency cases.
  • 37 initiatives that empower local enterprise and skills development.
  • 15 initiatives that support the waste management system.
  • 13 initiatives that support reforestation and tree planting programs, including creating greener areas.
  • 6 initiatives that create better and cleaner environment and surroundings.

CSR Activities

We continue working to create value while contributing to society, to ensure that we benefit, both as a company and community, and always engaged our activities with the CSR focus areas: knowledge, well-being and environmental.

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